Ormen Gigger reformaterer harddisken
E-post-vedlegget mmsn_offline.htm inneholder skript som sender den videre til alle dine forbindelser, sletter alle filene på C-disken og så reformater
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Goner is a mass-mailer written in Visual Basic. It appeared on December 4th, 2001. The worm is a PE EXE file about 39 kilobytes long, it is packed wit
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Aliz worm became widely spread in the end of November 2001. The worm activates automatically while reading an infected email message.
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BadTrans is a worm spreading with e-mail messages from Win32 systems. The worm sends email messages with infected attached files, as well as installs
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Sircam is a mass mailing e-mail worm with the ability of spreading through Windows Network shares. The worm's body is 137216 bytes long.
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Nimda is a complex virus with a mass mailing worm component which spreads itself in attachments named README.EXE.
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Magistr is a very dangerous memory resident Win32 worm combined with virus infection routines. It was found in-the-wild in the middle of March 2001.
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