Magistr is a very dangerous memory resident Win32 worm combined with virus infection routines. It was found in-the-wild in the middle of March 2001.
The virus has an extremely dangerous payload, and depending on different conditions it erases hard drive data, CMOS memory and Flash Bios contents in the same way the Win95.CIH (aka Chernobyl) virus does. The virus itself is about 30Kb long program written in Assembler, and that is very large for a virus written in pure Assembler language. This large size however is caused by virus Win32 EXE files infection algorithm, email and network spreading routines, polymorphic engines (there are two ones), payload routines and many anti-debugging and other tricks used by the virus to make its detection and disinfection more difficult. Thus this virus is one of the most complex viruses that are known at the moment.
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